Residential Real Estate

Buying and selling your home is more than a huge financial decision – it is an emotional decision too. Clients count on our highly experienced residential real estate team to simplify the deal and navigate even the most complex property transactions.

At Spetter Zeitz Klaiman, we walk you through every step of the process including the actual purchase or sale, financing communications, and real estate transfers with the appropriate authorities. Taking every measure to remove the complexity of a residential real estate matter, we take the time to ask you upfront about your goals and desires to ensure a successful outcome on your terms.

When you are purchasing or selling your personal property, contact a trusted legal partner at Spetter Zeitz Klaiman who can help navigate the legal and financial aspects of buying, selling or owning a home.

Our residential real estate services include: 

  • Purchases and sales

  • Mortgage refinancing

  • Estate title transfers

  • Joint ownership severances

  • Land severances

  • Residential leasing agreements

  • Title searches

  • Private and institutional mortgages

  • Independent Legal Advice

  • Condominium status reviews

  • Purchase and sale of cottage properties