Client Focus

At Spetter Zeitz Klaiman, you are never just another file to us. We have worked with numerous companies, institutions and clients for decades and have succeeded by providing an exceptional continuance of care.

Our dedication extends beyond any individual file. We are passionate about helping you and make ourselves available to answer questions, investigate an issue or talk through a situation regardless of whether that file is ever assigned to us.

As part of our commitment to you, we promise to:

  • Understand your needs, what is important to you, the unique aspects of your situation and the human aspects of the issues.
  • Gain a deep and fundamental understanding of your expectations.
  • Combine our passion and knowledge of the law with an equally strong understanding of what is in your best interest.
  • Identify strategies that balance the protection of your interests with the anticipated costs of each option.
  • Provide transparent, straightforward and realistic advice.
  • Cooperatively work as a team with you to provide your company with a strategic advantage.
  • Provide a highly responsive level of service, systematic attention to detail, a big picture approach and always proactively anticipate requests in order to deliver more than is expected.
  • Ensure that every member of your SZK team is actively engaged in being an integral partner in your success. You will have our unwavering representation of your interests.


Our zealous dedication to our clients

When it comes to the law, matters can be complex. Especially when you factor in competing agendas, extenuating circumstances and the intersection of various areas of law. At Spetter Zeitz Klaiman, we seek to demystify and solve your legal matters through our in-depth knowledge, real-world experience and tenacious advocacy.

We understand that no two matters are the same and believe that the success of most files is determined at the outset. By developing a game plan with our clients at the beginning of a file, we work to discover the most effective strategies for resolving a matter. We find that our initial work and preparation often minimizes the inevitable uncertainties that arise in any legal matter.

With every engagement, we put ourselves in your shoes and determine what the best course of action should be to achieve what you need. We relentlessly pursue your interests  to ensure you get the best results.

The SZK team looks for creative strategies which often lead to greater and unexpected recoveries for our clients. We weigh the costs and benefits you will receive and determine which option provides you with the best results. We work relentlessly to negotiate and draft agreements in which the needs of our clients are satisfied while ensuring the terms are realistic and workable for our client.

We focus on what you want to achieve and present you with the big picture legal, business and personal issues at hand and their implications. As your partner in this process, we owe you our honest opinion and are not afraid to provide you with alternative strategies to ensure your interests are upheld. We think it’s important to provide you with a realistic perspective of the costs vs. benefits of employing a particular strategy. 

At Spetter Zeitz Klaiman, we want to become an integral and indispensable part of your decision-making process.